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Raising Tomorrow's Leaders

AV Kids Traveler’s Club - A children's online workshop that takes kids on an exciting virtual journey around the world!

This fun and educational workshop is designed for children ages 5-12 and is entirely online, providing them with the opportunity to explore different cultures, crafts and traditional cuisine from the comfort of their own home. Each week, children will "travel" to a different country and learn about its customs, culture, and traditional crafts and baking.

Throughout the workshop, children will have fun creating traditional crafts from different countries, from making colorful Mexican woven bracelets to creating Japanese paper lanterns. They will also learn how to make traditional cuisine from around the world, from making French crepes to making Chinese dumplings.


Virtual Sessions

Our expert instructors are dedicated to providing a fun and interactive experience for children. They are knowledgeable about different cultures and will be providing guidance and support throughout the workshop. They will be sharing pictures, videos, stories, and cultural facts that make it an interactive and engaging experience.

This workshop is perfect for children who are curious about different cultures and want to learn more about the world around them. Give your child a chance to expand their horizon and develop new skills, sign them up for the AV Kids Traveler’s Club today! Be sure to check our website or social media for more information, schedules and registration details. Join us on this amazing culinary and cultural journey!

Old Globe

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.



“I loved learning about all of the different countries and cultures at AV Travelers Club workshop. It was so interesting to hear about all of the different customs and traditions, and I loved trying new foods and learning new words in different languages. I feel like I learned so much, and it’s inspired me to want to travel and see the world for myself someday. Thank you Ascension Village Travelers Club!”

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