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Let's Celebrate! "Shedding Light on Mental Health: Increasing Awareness in the Month of June"

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Welcome to Ascension Village, where we prioritize mental health and strive to create a supportive community. It's important to acknowledge and raise awareness about mental health during pride month, while celebrating both Father’s day and Juneteenth simultaneously. However, did you know that June is also PTSD awareness month. For those who don’t know PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this blog post we will provide valuable insights and resources to help individuals better understand mental health issues and encourage open conversations. Join us in our journey towards fostering empathy, understanding, and support for those affected by mental health challenges.

"Why Mental Health Awareness Matters in June"

As stated in the previous section, there are a few events occurring this month that individuals would love to celebrate. One of the events during June is a whole month celebration. Pride month is the celebration of LGBTQIA+ community in their rarest form being free. Nothing but happiness and laughter surrounds the streets of most cities, however there can also be not so happy moments as well. To live a life that can be stress free mentally, physically, and spiritually you have to be aligned; and obtain some form of happiness. This community faces a lot of challenges when it comes to a variety of things such as obtaining supportive services or simply being acceptable by your fellow human. Within time things have gotten better, however there is still room for improvement and time to still progress and continue succeeding. The challenges that some may face can cause damage on a person’s mental state, mood, confidence, identity and so forth. It is encouraged for individuals to seek therapy services to help with the challenges and try to eliminate the stigma around therapy and mental health.

Another celebration occurring this month is Father’s Day. This day will be celebrated by those who are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, godfather’s and so forth but what about those individuals who aren’t’ fathers, who never had a father or father figure, what about those who lost their father in the physical sense, lost their father to substance abuse, or lost their father to the incarceration. The absence or the lost of a person in this role can become a trigger to some individuals’ that could lead to a meltdown. Sometimes people experience their meltdowns differently, some signs may include depression, anxiety, lack of sleep or motivation. It is our job as a community to do a wellness check with those around us during these times who may be experiencing mental discomfort. It is also the community’s duty to let people know who maybe suffering with these unwanted feelings that there is a support system that is willing and able to help connect them to mental health resources, to make sure that they get the help they need to push thru the mental barriers. Also, to show them that you are not alone in this journey and we as the people want to see you thrive despite some mental health challenges.

Lastly, in the month of June we celebrate a federal holiday called Juneteenth. Also known as freedom day, it is observed on the 19th day of June, it commemorates the freedom of enslaved African Americans in the United States back in 1865. Being enslaved has had a huge impact on this particular community in their daily lives and has affected how individuals communicate their thoughts and feelings. There is a stigma that has been surrounding mental health and therapy amongst the Black community for years now, and has kept this particular community suffering in silence. The topic of discussion has been hovering over this particular group of people like a dark cloud for decades. A discussion about mental health diagnoses is considered for some as taboos or a curse if you will. The celebration of Juneteenth not only acknowledges the freedom of enslaved African Americans, but it is also a time to celebrate the breaking of the mental shackles. Celebrating the breaking of generational curses, the freeing of the mental barriers that prevents individuals to seek treatment to better cope and function each day, embracing the challenges in the process of healing and removing the obstacles that once were detrimental in the growth of the African American community.

To learn more information about mental health awareness, please click on the links below to further educate yourselves and your community.

By continuing to focus on mental health awareness in the month of June, we strive to create a more compassionate and understanding society. Through effective strategies, utilizing social media platforms, and promoting support services, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by mental health challenges. Remember, every small action counts, and together we can break the silence, promote awareness, and inspire positive change.


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